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Our Mission is to provide loan financing and business services to local communities of micro and small entrepreneurs who pursue profitable business initiatives on a permanent basis and sustain themselves as responsible citizens

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Caribbean Microfinance(Trinidad and Tobago)Ltd.
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Caribbean Microfinance(Trinidad and Tobago) Ltd
Caribbean Microfinance(st.Lucia) Ltd

DFL Caribbean Holdings Ltd, which has an international credit rating of BB (Fitch ratings), is the new parent company of the subsidiaries of the DFL Caribbean Group. The subsidiaries are focused on specialized enterprise development activities in the Caribbean. This specialized focus opens up the Group to a wider array of management, technical resources and partnerships for the development of Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

CML operates within a network of partnerships that provides resources to maintain and develop the company as a sound financial institution with the ability to reach the largest possible number of entrepreneurs at the micro-enterprise level.

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