CML operates within a network of partnerships that provides resources to maintain and develop the company as a sound financial institution with the ability to reach the largest possible number of entrepreneurs at the micro-enterprise level. We value long-term relationships that are built on shared philosophies and common objectives.

European Investment Bank
- subordinated, fixed-rate, profit-sharing subordinated debt

Department of International Development (DFID)
- technical management expertise
- support for management training

- field training
- operations reviews

Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF)
- capital market funding
- operational and technical support

Caribbean Development Network Ltd
- Country reviews and Market research

Development Finance Ltd

- Management Services (Financial, Accounting, IT, Personnel)
- Funding from capital and money markets
- Strategic planning and Risk Management

RBTT Financial Holdings Ltd
- Commercial banking services

ACCION, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, has been successful in Haiti and will partner MICROFIN in Guyana and Suriname.

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